Historical Fiction Book report due April 30 note the date some papers said 4-23 by mistake
( Hint- the setting is always important in Historial Fiction)**

Reading Discussion- Tell us the title of your book for the January Book report under the discussion tab.

Post your Jan. book report here

Classroom Book Reviews 2012

Reading JournalUse this reading log for your Home reading and school reading.

Directions for Jan book report

January Book report:

Select your favorite Battle Book or another fiction book you have read recently or are reading now. Take notes on your book to help you with your report. Ask for help from home, friends or your teacher as you take your notes. They might have details from the book you never considered. They also might help you cut out the extra details which will make the report too long.

Turn these notes in with your report. Use the book report guide to write 4-5 paragraph book report.

Then make a Video book trailer to share your book. We will post these to our digital backpacks and maybe even send some off to the authors or other schools for book recommendations.

If you prefer, you may use your artistic talents and make a poster to advertise your book instead of a Video or digital trailer.

Check out the variety of ways to make a Video trailer from the Battle Book video.


Battle of the book information:

The Battle has officially begun!

On the Pierce website, parents & students can go to the media center link and find a Battle of the Books folder. The folder has the following information as of right now:

  • The Battle Permission Slip
  • The Battle Newsletter (important information concerning battle timeline, book summaries, Baldwin special events, etc.)
  • The Battle Launch Power point presentation (the same presentation that the students viewed at the Battle launch
  • The Battle youTube video ( this has the Battle song, and the book trailers for each book)